lesson learnt.

by e


that’s what I caught from Deacon Sam.

that’s what I felt most important to me throughout the whole poly chalet.

actually not… haha

what’s most important in the chalet is relationships.

the brothers I’ve seen God giving into my life. It’s a prayer answer, a plea that I never imagine will come to pass…

THESE ARE the relationships for this season. Brothers. The caregroup (not a religious fun club, buta CARE-group)

I guess when you strip away all life’s complications down to its bare bones… You realise relationships really matter alot.

It’s a place when you can be shameless and lose your pride. It’s a place where you can hand your heart to someone and expect him to guard it for you.

Yes yes, i’m ranting.

Poly chalet was good if you look it at the big perspective. I wouldn’t trade today for another.

Speak to me Lord..chat with me (: