to whom may concern.

by e

this is for the silly boy whom i forgave: bro, you’re a man now… and I respect you for your courage to face time with such faith… you have really really good friends around you. Don’t trade them for anything – they’re priceless.

this is for the sister whom i thought i lost: i don’t know what’s been happening.. but if you ever need me to clarify or explain myself – sis, you have my integrity. (:

this is for the brothers: ah soon, yongan, daryl and even you silly man. you guys are the reason that i know God is real and everything I believe about daddyGod is real. 10 years down the road. I want you guys to be present at the happiest day of my life. I’ll take a bullet for every single one of you. especially you ah soon.

this is for the church and the youth min: I grew up from the youth min. Entered at 14, now i’m 21. I’m not letting the disappointments and heartaches stop me from loving this ministry and continuing to serve it faithfully. It’s not about the leadership nor the way the ministry is being run. But it’s about the youths and Jesus, who is ever evident in this ministry.

If there anything I’ve learnt from the youth min it’s this: it’s making hell worry and the devil angry. This is a place where we’ll grow and this is a place where the devil will to make life as miserable for us as possible.

But end of the day. It’s about the people who see you through every heartache, the siblings, the comrades, the friends who saw your RISE and FALL; and yet look you in the eye and say – “I ain’t leaving you bro/sis”. You will only find this kind of people in while you’re in the youth min. You’ll get to make such strong connections IN the youth min… And trust me – these bond WILL last a lifetime and they will weather any storm that attempts to sever it.

And this is for the God whom I want to give loads of credit to: dad, you’re the most unsung hero in my life. You’ve unmentioned, unappreciated and forgotten sometimes. But yet you ARE faithful – Dad, I don’t need a church yet you blessed me with a good one; I don’t deserve my friends yet you surround me with them; I don’t derserve many many things – but you show me grace over and over and over again.

You are awesome in many ways then one. AMAZING. Utterly amazing.

And just to end this off. Jesus, you are really really important to me, keep those commando friends close to me. Continue to make life worth living. But most of all, talk to me every during every breathing moment of my life. When I fall to sleep and when I wake up – I just want to feel your constant presence around me. Everyday.