rubber meets mr road.

by e

And so Dad I thank you for your grace.

When the rubber meets the road – I know the correction is good.

And I’ll learn from it.

Not by my flesh Dad. You’ve given me a good boss… But I won’t use my arm of flesh to work things out.

Dad, Jesus, HS – YOU are my discipline.

YOU are my rest.

YOU are my favour.

YOU are my help.

and most of all, you are my shield.

Help me grow Dad, make me new. May the favour you’ve lavished on me increase, more, much more…

Dad, I claim 7 more appointments next week. And 8 sales this month. Dad it’s important to me and my boss, so it’s important to you.

You will make me a blessing to the company.

While the devil makes me see my shortcoming, the missing of quota, etc… Lord, help me see the world through YOUR eyes.

Make me irresistable like you Jesus. I am ONE with you Lord. Who you are.. so am I.

What can the devil, circumstances, school exams and teachers do to me?

It’s too bad if they reject a blessing. I pray that ACCEPT the blessing, not me  – but Jesus in me. (;