Moving on to higher ground.

by e

You see staying stationary is bad for the masculine soul.

Being stationary is like stagnant water.. it breeds death and disease.

The male soul was made to be wild, unrestrained… Free.

Isn’t that what the cross was made to do? Set people free?

So it’s time to move to higher ground… and I’m not just talking about the ministry change.. No, I’m not talking church..

I’m talking GOD here… Specifically in my career and family… It’s time to raise the bar and achieve something at my workplan.. Not to impress anyone, mind you.. But for the glory of my daddyGod… and to bear testimony to all that Immanuel Caleb is more than what you can see…

Immanuel Caleb has the Holy Spirit IN Him.. and the Spirit of His almightly Father God is ACTIVE and ALIVE in him.. Immanuel Caleb will achieve great things and do mighty exploits because the Lord is with Him…


Dad, It’s time to do some miracles… Lets go make the dead rise and heal some sick people and see some windfall coming our way… Lets DO IT!