When God speaks.

by e

Attuning your ears to God’s voice doesn’t mean your problems are automatically solved or that the other voice just fades away. No, it’s more like having an intimate conversation with a close friend in a noisy, crowded place. There may be other voices around you but you don’t hear them because you’re so focused on what your friend is saying.

That’s how it is with God’s voice. Whether He speaks to you through the Scriptures, through a friend, or through your life’s circumstances, He’s always communicating with the heart that seeks Him. His promise to you is, ‘Your ears will hear a voice… saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”‘ One word from God, just one, can change your entire outlook.
Bob Gass

Instead of thinking the negative voices, the shouts of discouragement and the whispers of fear are all within us and hence from us, why not consider them a crowd that surrounds us. We hear them, but we don’t have to obey them. Can we be affected by the shouts of the mob?

Of course – but they no longer dictate our steps. We are no longer of the crowd, walking according to the world, dominated by its prince. We are new creations raised from the dead, free with our Father.