Thanks Pastor!!!

by e

And from the man of God himself.. A confirmation. (:

Thanks Pastor Benjamin for blogging a followup to the ‘Time Management and Serving’ post. (:
And now the part that got me excited..

“More specifically, for those going into their first year of work, there is a need to be realistic. This is a transition period and you need to allow time to grown and learn. However, do give your weekends to your family and church. If you’ve been serving actively in ministry, I think it’s ok to re-look your commitments, and discuss with your leaders and see how you can take on a less taxing role over a period of time – maybe three months. Having said that, I would discourage anyone from pulling away from church completely. You can take a break from serving, but continue to come for services and keep in the fellowship. This keeps you safe.
Once things have stabilised and you’ve gotten used to working life however, it is good to start serving actively again. Like what I said previously, you will find that God will use the church to hone and groom you, and prepare you for the greater things that He has in store for you.
I don’t know if that’s a confirmation to go back to Gems.. but I can see that confirmation of God being ON MY SIDE… it’s ok to take it slow in serving now… I’m serving GOD not the church… If it’s for God’s glory then it WILL be for the good of the church..
So me resting is giving glory to God… haha Lord provide a way for me to serve in greater capacitiy after HM 2009.
It’s be a new and exciting beginning… (:
Our new ministry name – ‘The Zone’…
If you remove the ‘Z’.. you’ll get ‘The ONE’… it’s clear to see that this name is of God and significant.
ONE ministry worshipping The ONE God, with ONE heart and ONE voice.. Together we are The ZONE. (:
Awesome.. really. To see how God unifies and increases the youth ministry.. Pastor Lian was right… The glory of the youth ministry is before us…And it’ll only shine brighter and brighter…
Like what Lao Da used to say… We ain’t see nothing yet.