Love is patient.

by e

“It’s not always about the romance, the hearts, or the flowers. Not even the little explosions going off in your head or how you have to remind yourself to breathe whenever she’s near. Or being told you’ve used a particular turn of phrase several times to describe her and you’d never even noticed until she pointed it out. Or even coming to the painful realisation that one day both of us will, even unintentionally, hurt one another. And that she will finally get sick of me, or that I will run out of beautiful things to say to her.

But there’s no need to be afraid, precisely because everything is made brand new in Him. Water to wine. New seasons, new journeys and new beginnings. It’s walking with Him and letting Him take over. Knowing that one can only love out of the Love poured so freely into me.

Knowing that there only good days ahead for the both of us.” – J

I wrote something similar in the secured post. somewhere.

Love is faithful. Now I know why Love sticks by me.

Why Love was crucified.

Why Love was whipped, spat at and beaten.

Now I know why Love endured, why Love hung on, why Love persevered…

But it’s not about me being pretty, picture perfect, untainted and sanitized.

It’s not about me performing, being excellent and having it all together.

It’s definitely not because I deserved anything, or worthy of anything.

But because Love is just simply love…


Because Love is Jesus. And Jesus loves me.