earnest desire.

by e

Lord, i gotta be honest with you.

I desire something solid, real, permanent and personal from you.

I have enough of cliches and holy-moley stuff.

DaddyGod. I believe in you. But I don’t believe in religious processes. I don’t believe in redundant, irrational, impersonal jargons packaged as holiness.

Correct me if i’m wrong. I’m ready to be corrected. But there must be more than what I see, Lord let there been righteous correction, not religious zeal, and legalistic nonsense.

I don’t have it altogether. But I embrace your grace, I know I will be changed.

I’m letting you do your thing Lord, even if I resist, help me let you do your transformation? (:

But there’s too much nonsense out there. Be real to me now daddyGod. Show me your true love.