grace, the face.

by e

I always remembered Jesus being the calm and intense man, yet meek and warm.

A man who maintains grace under fire. A man who stares back at the storm and commands it to cease.

Yet He is that warm and gentle face whom the blind first see when their eyes open and the face which comforts the woman bowed over whom He heals.

Jesus never chides a broken person or the sinful man. He restores the broken and forgives the sinful.

This is the face to remember. The face of Grace.

Repeated mistakes are not condemned by grace. Will the well of the forgiveness of God run dry? Will His tender mercies ever cease?

On the cross, all sins were dealt with, with one fell swoop ALL unholiness have been purged.

Remember only the tender face of Grace. Your God is not angry with you. 🙂