Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.

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Have you heard this piece from Ryuichi Sakamoto ?

It’s a beautiful composition that was featured in one of our local productions – ‘The Leap Years’ and it’s was also featured in a 1983 movie of the same title.

It starts off gently, in a placid rhythm of piano notes. Then it meanders  into a Orient fashion like how a ‘guzheng’ would sound like as a rendition on a piano.

The melody is sombre and sober, like a pot of tea brewing in a corner. It’s fragrance is light but it’s flavor strong.

Suddenly at the 3rd minute. A barrage of strings rush in, like an imperial march heralding the arrival of someone or something important. As the tune of the piano gets more intense, a picture of a dancer appears, and she starts to dance in the pouring rain. Sharp and strong movements correspond to the mood of the music and as the music fades out, the rain ceases.

And the music ends as if the woman is reunited with her lover.

Feliz Navidad, Mr Lawrence.