Living Life Backwards.

by e

I can relate to Benjamin Button.

(Yes, I took quite abit of time to watch it… Take God for rest days, Had some time to watch some movies.. )

But yes about Benjamin Button. Ain’t it like us Christians, growing younger everyday – not a hard concept to grasp since we’re so well taught. (:

We talk about the Renewal of youth and how Eagles literally renew their youth. It’s a lovely thought.

I like ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ because it challenges viewers to think and reflect – about life, the movie, love and generally life in essence.

Renewal of youth was literally portrayed in the movie. Like the clock that ticked backwards. We see the tragedy, and the romance in Benjamin’s life.

People desire eternal life because they fear death. For eons men has searched for the ‘Fountain of youthfulness’, the ‘Elixir of Life’ and the ‘Fruit of Longevity’, all to escape a fate called death.

Why do we fear death… we fear death because death seems like an end. A thief that robs us of everything we love.

But we need not fear death. Nor do we need to fear losing anything we love..

At the cross death has been nailed down forever. Death has been defeated forever by Jesus Christ.

Aging’s not the issue, it’s who you’re aging with – and that’s with Jesus. The one who’ll walk this journey with you forever. (: