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I like the new Window’s Live email address…

Technical geek-tails aside.. (yes yes, I hear an outcry from the lovers of unlimited storage and POP access, p.s I’m a gmailer myself.)

But I really like the domain name.. LIVE.com

LIVE – not live as in real-time..

but Live – Life in motion!

I live for the Son of God… I live to eat… I live because I love.


The browser and search engine wars may rage on for all i care. But my compliments to the people back at Microsoft who suggested the renaming…

Windows Live. Welllll that to me is a  positive confession.. And we all can learn a thing or two from Windows Live.

How about Immanuel-Live!



I do remember Jesus championing ‘Live’… Well sort of, I mean He did make a dead man walk again by shouting: “LAZARUS! COME FORTH!”

Paraphrasing it? LAZARUS LIVE!

Ok, I take my words back. This live business is simply just “positive confession”.

It’s AUTHORITY. You command LIFE to dead bodies.. Just like Jesus.. Dare try?

How about speaking to your exams results that are dying… Or speaking life into your sickness?

Dare believe that you’ll find healing and see good results?

You’ll never know till you try.. 🙂

Btw, in case you didn’t notice @live.com reads ALIVE.com… cool stuff eh?