one liners.

by e

it’s funny, it’s been a season of one liner’s on this blog…

and I haven’t been blogging much anyways.

Heaven on earth would be really useful right now… Because hell on earth seems like a pretty apt description (but then again it’s just me being a wet blanket, dampening hope when it’s just ‘right there’)

Technically I’m homeless, I need shelter, it’ll be really nice if the Housing Board makes flats a lil cheaper for my family’s sake.

Can’t wait to embark on my degree final year. Can’t wait to enjoy projects and exams. Can’t wait to graduate.

I’d love to study fulltime and make some friends with my classmates.

It’ll be nice.

On a side note.

It’ll be nice to visit Disneyland soon one day.

The happiest place in the world, it’ll be nice to work there… Disneyland is almost the answer to a ‘real’ Narnia to children – I remember my stay there, it was… magical.

I wonder how it’ll feel this time…

It’ll be nice if someone recreates the world of Narnia… I’ll love to visit. 🙂