the fear.

by e

Every time a person gives up hope and turns cynical and bitter, it’s because he or she is fearful.

Fear fogs faith; fear is like the smoke that gets into your eyes obscuring you from the light of hope. It’s not hard to believe, but fear makes you think it is very hard to do so.

…So each time you are bitter or unhappy or you develop negative feelings towards something or someone, remember it’s the enemy infecting your heart with fear.

Adam hid because he was afraid

The original sin resulted in the first fear. From then on fear became commonplace as the world fell from glory.

But, with redemption and through the blood of the lamb, Jesus. God has promise freedom from fear, and an impartation of power, love and a sound mind.

We fear to find a solution, sometimes we even fear losing the fear.

But the solution finds us and rescues us.

…Do not fear, He said – And one of his disciples found faith to ask for a chance walk on the water with him.