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this blog used to be a place where people could find updates about me even if they don’t see me.. but even this blog’s updates vanished..

no wonder people start wondering where I when… heh.

Yes, it’s true I did went missing for probably 3 months or less. I went to church intermittently, only on Sunday mornings and never for youth services, funny it reminded me of the 2002 nightmare.

I’ve been busy, honestly, with school and work and many many unrelated matters but still it isn’t an excuse for just going AWOL on peoples lives.

Yes, I plead guilty to all charges of AWOL. I didn’t mean to disappear though, it’s just a rough patch. 🙂

Juggling a full time job, part time study and an ad-hoc project based work with a media communications person ain’t easy. But honestly, it’s not one that burns you out, unless you allow it to.

I’ve worked and studied for two years and even actively served in a Ministry and yet those days there was alot more energy than today, so there goes the excuse of being overly tired, etc. but then again I ought to watch out for running out dry.

It’s funny how I’m slowly getting back to church, caregroup and all. Nothing overly spectacular, no camp, no phone calls and stuff.

Just a series of chance encounters with people. And thank God L nagged me to attend service with her, if not I would have met those people.

I guess it started with Coach Jo, when she actually noticed my absence and just ministered to me with a few words – “Go back and feed”

Then there was that chance encounter at school after exams for devotional, there I met Skye and Cherri (who nagged me to come for CG, praise God for nags?) I think if I didn’t go for devo that day I would have attended last week’s CG and coincidentally or God-incidentally that Devo was my first and last, considering that I work in the morning. (:

Then there was Healing Service which I really reluctantly dragged myself there, partly because I had no where to go but largely because L wanted notes from the service – if not, I would be on the next train home. L, thank your company for that event – I made me go for Healing service.

It was in the foodcourt before Healing Service started that made a large impact on me before entering the service. First person I met of all people was Coach Barnabas and his family. And amazingly my CGL which Coach Barnabas unashamingly flagged me out to take notice upon, there was no where to hide but to acknowledge that I’ve been identified by the CGL whose CG I wasn’t planning to attend (heh!)

Surprisingly, KT recognised me and knew my name – I’m sure I’ve never spoken to her before after from the foreknowledge that Cherri has mentioned about me before to her. Now I had someone new to nag me to go for CG.. haha.

And there was Anil which came up to me to encourage me with some heartfelt words, that further affirmed and made me want to go back to church. I feeled loved that evening.

Then Friday came and surprisingly my cousin managed to book out the night before. So I had a range of activities lined up, movie with L, hangout with Cousins, etc etc. At the end of the day those activities didn’t materalise as I planned and guess what I actually decided that I should go Caregroup instead of staying at home to rot or even heading outside to play games.

I actually kept my word to Skye to appear at Queentown MRT station on TIME! And yeah, although I lost my EZ-link card earlier on, I gained a new friend that day. Skye’s a pretty cool dude when you get to know him, prior to that I only remembered him as the dude who bothered to walk the distance (from SIM to NP) to get a Subway meal during Devo.

At Caregroup, I was surprised to find out that the CG was full of familar people, straight away I was comfortable and blended in quite well with the CG. It’s a blessing, because I originally thought that I had to make new friends all over again.

The CG message was amazing-gracely about the Prodigal Son. I don’t know how that others related to the message but I felt that it refered to me. Even before the CG message KT shared on how she expected to see me at Cg and how it’s not an accident that I’m back in Arrow in the SIM CG.

And I really enjoyed caregroup but most of all, it was really a blessing to see how daddyGod’s amazing divineblueprint unfold throughout the span of thses three weeks. I really felt loved by daddyGod even though I really though I was insignificant.

Journey, it’s a new turn again – a least this time, it’s one for the better. (: