always tired.

by e

Lord it’s tough… I feel really drained.

It’s amazing how energy can get zapped so fast in an instant.

I need you to sustain me, keep your joy bubbling in me.

Because I really know not what to do, but only to place my eyes upon you. Because looking to you is all I have energy left to do.

Tomorrow work starts again. Help me last through this season, provide me abundant grace, more than even Pastor Prince! (though Lord bless Him more and more and allow me to be a blessing to him one day), daddyGod I know I am as worthy as your Son Jesus Christ. If you would deliver Jesus out of a tough spot, you will deliver me too.

Abba, help me last, no. Make me REIGN over school and work. Abba, I place my school fees, my parents finances, my health and my ministry into your hands.

Your nail pierced hands will not fail me.

Your nail pierced hands will NOT fail me.