Speed, Haste and what nots.

by e

As time goes by, everything’s gonna get faster and faster.

Everyone wants their stuff done quick and peppy. They want instant mochas and quick burgers.

Everything’s hasty.

One of the leading motivations in the research and development of innovation is making things move faster, shorting processes, chop-chop, etc.

I have nothing against this quick culture. I love my stuff fast too. I love Google and their innovation in speedy web browsers, and I love how efficient the public transport in Singapore ‘tries’ to be.

But honestly, the pursuit for speed can lead us to our greatest loss and hasten our expiry on Earth.

There is a heaven but God didn’t put us here on Earth to rush through it and return to Heaven, there’s a journey on Earth and DaddyGod wants to walk us through it.. Step by step.

How gently beautiful God is in His timing. Nine Months is taken for a baby to fully develop.. Can you imagine if one day after consummating from your marriage you find your newly wedded Wife carrying your child? You’ll be stunned, no doubt. Or imagine the clouds fell as a huge mass of water and not into tiny droplets of rain?

God takes time. The Creator of light choose to take his time. He could have snapped His fingers and it’s night to day, but no, He takes twelve hours for the day to change.

Let us not speed through life and forget the little wonders that our DaddyGod has set along the way.