Asian Mee-di-ahhh.

by e

I love my new module.

It’s madly fun.

The Aussie lecturer, Mr what’s-his-name-again looks like an evolved caveman, compared to my previous lecturer who sounded like a caveman but looked like well…. the 7-Up dude.

But what was most amazing is that I had an answered prayer, I wanted a change in group members for the upcoming projects and guess what, as I said the ‘amen’ (with a very desperate sounding voice), the lecturer made us shuffle in the class and gave us a specific order not to work with our previous group members.

I thought to myself.. Wow isn’t this convenient, what a good excuse to change group members! PRAISE GOD!

And so I foresee a good time ahead for 2010. Especially for the Asian media course.

It’s gonna be a good good year. (:

Meanwhiles the school fees issue seems like it’s heading in a very good direction. My school and the bank are supportive, it’s as if they’re serving a member of royalty – no rushing, patience and friendly conversation. DaddyGod, this is YOUR life mans.

I just thank God for the little blessings, I may not get my whole pie. But I’m enjoying even the crumbs. Small blessings make up the bigger blessing, I can wait Lord… I can wait as long as you’re with me.