journey; journeys.

by e

hey you remember this entry.

and gently he whispered…

walk with me…

it doesn’t matter where you are, walk with me…
it doesn’t mater which road you pick, walk with me…

along the paths of righteousness even into the valley deep.

walk with me.

remember you narrated it, with an amazingly soundtrack to go with it?

Walk with me.

one of my favorite post I’ve ever written. and guess what I wrote it when I took time out in the storeroom.

I just want you to read this part.

yes, I have plans for you, I’ve sent my word concerning you, and it will not return to me void.
yes, I’ve destined you for greatness, I have a will for your life.

but even if you pick the wrong road, made the wrong choices.

I’ll still walk with you.

I’ve given you free will, a ability to choose. And this gift I will never revoke nor repent.
I’ve given you to power to choose, to make creative choices.

but even if you chose wrongly, you’ll never be able walk out of my will for you.
because I’ll walk with you.

I’ll never leave you nor forsake you, I’ll be by your side. even if you choose to be quiet.
I’ll follow you even if you choose to run. to the ends of the earth I’ll be with you.

and when you choose to talk, I’ll listen.
when you choose to break down, I’ll embrace you.
when you choose to give up, I’ll carry you.
when you choose to scream, I’ll let you.

it doesn’t matter anymore what roads you chose,
I’ll still lead you to your purpose – destiny.

it doesn’t matter anymore if you’ve be climbing on a grain of sand.
I’ve traversed deserts and beaches with you.

I will walk with you till you’ll hold my hand and walk with me.

until then, my hand is never to far away to clasp.

most amazingly, this particular post I wrote quite awhile ago happens to be the most hit post from my blog – till today (as of now too).

a total 605 hits for this really obscure entry.

it’s funny, how and when I wrote this.

it’s not the hits that made this post special, but rather knowing that I got to share a little part of my life to the world that make this post special.

I wrote this post during a time of solitude, it was lonely in my office and whenever I felt the pressures of work I would retreat to my special storeroom, which I held the keys to.

I would rest there, cry there, pray, worship and rant there. And thank God for readily available internet access, I wrote this post in inspiration after emo-ing in the dark storeroom.

This was my psalm of how daddyGod deals with my loneliness – by assuring me that He walks with me and He talks with me; that He would never leave me even when I fail.

It’s really refreshing to read this again. I hope it refreshes you too.

God is with us.