by e

I think I should add more pictures to liven up this blog. haha

I just need some time to upload them.

DaddyGod, I really would like my sleep to be supernaturally stretched…but I’d still like to wake up early. Do that for me Dad? Thanks!! 😀

It’s been a restful journey thus far. There’s been a fair bit of correction this week. But I thank you Lord still.

Especially the part of citizenship. Lord, there is a reason why you made me born and raised in this country, it’s not a random occurrence but a carefully planned and deliberate action.

I repent on resenting my citizenship. Because I forgot my true citizenship – Heavenly citizenship. I’m IN the world but not of the world.. So there are taxes and other political nonsense.. so what? Render those which are Caesar’s to Caesar and what’s of daddyGod to daddyGod..

I will be be bothered with such trivial matter from now on. Christ is my providence. 🙂