snooze, but not lose.

by e

this entry title seems like a perfect sermon title!

but it’s misleading because I’m gonna rant abit here.

Jesus. Here’s some issues I need help with today man.

First, dosing off in office multiple times isn’t cool. While the occasional nap during lunch time is fair enough.. but the nodding off is down right irritating. It’s not nice Lord. NOT nice. 🙂

Second, I need some inspiration and resources for my project on Asian Media Studies.

I love this course, thank you for giving me this course and for giving a not-very-demanding job. But I need your grace here to juggle work and studies.

So help me Lord, I believe that your grace will cover my project and where Google has failed*, you will provide another solution.

*I love Google, but today it seems like I am having issue using the Search engine to my benefit on finding research material!! OMG Help!?

Lastly, I may be snoozing earlier on during lunch when I could have used the time to finish up my research, I believe Lord that even though I snooze, I won’t lose. Because the Lord of my life, neither sleep nor slumbers (and definitely doesn’t snooze. heh)

So it’s time to arise and -wait for it- do some work, restfully. No stress, I’ll