the air is breathe.

by e

i am alive.

It’s amazing. I am alive. It’s amazing, that I can breathe.

You are a God of second chances, you still provide the air for me to breathe.

I can be honest with God. I can appear without my cosmetics.

Men may not be able to handle it, but daddyGod can. He can handle whatever I can dish out. And whatever I dish out God can use for good.

And God can use my failures to fufill His plan A, I don’t have to feel condemned for my past, my mistakes and my shortcomings.

Burnt stones are still being recycled, even if the stone gets burnt again, He will still restore it.


And Lord, if it’s time. Lets go through ground zero.

Mentorship can take a step aside for now.

When God has dealt with you confidentially, He’ll make you confident for Him.

You and me alone? Here I am Lord.

He corrects those whom He loves, and He gently corrects.