thoughts of God’s romance.

by e

One look and He knows that she is meant to be on stage.

another glance and He can tell that her hands will be used for healing.

He looks through the blueprints – divine blueprints, and He knows the calling of each masterpiece, each poem He crafts.

She’s meant to sing,
 She’s meant to dance,
  She’s meant to nurture…

…. She’s meant to shine.

It’s not that God isn’t proud of His male creations. Remember the first human was Adam, the first male was made to be a exact reflection, and tangible image of God – Embodiment of God’s wildness, God’s strength, God’s masculinity and God’s…. ‘Father-likeness’.

But the woman, whom He formed from the side of His image, represents everything that shows that God IS love.

Think about it, a mother nurtures with love. The best songs are love songs. You love everything that is beautiful and it’s always tender loving care that heals best.

No wonder God loves women. Not more than men but He simply loves women in a very special way.

In God there’s no gender, both male and female are embodied in Him. But God loves to show love and He shows it very well through the woman.

No wonder the enemy tempts and attack women. The enemy hates love and if anyway possible he will try to destroy any representation of God’s love. If he could he will try to erase any method, any representation, anything and any possible way that can be used to display the love of the Creator – Abba God.

He tried it with Eve, the temptation of Eve was premeditated and deliberate. Why didn’t the serpent tempt Adam? While there are hundreds of reasons, some theological, some scriptural and some revelatory.

But if there’s one reason we can pinpoint today is that the enemy tempts Eve in attempt to taint, pervert and destroy the image of God’s love. The enemy didn’t tempt Eve simply because she was easy to tempt, nor because Eve was the emotional and vunerable one. Both Adam and Even made made perfect in God’s eyes – if they are the image of God aren’t they perfect?

Eve had glory surrounding her, the enemy had no way of attacking her or even mentally attacking her mind.

Adam could have been tempted too, He was with Eve! But the enemy didn’t want to attack God’s strength but instead attack God’s tenderness. If he could make the humans doubt the love of God, he could perhaps destroy the humans, whom he knew was very dear to God’s heart.

Perhaps the enemy didn’t know the Eve had an influence over Adam’s heart – he wouldn’t, for he doesn’t understand love. But when he had tempted Eve, he must have been shocked that Adam willingly shared the curse that His wife had come under. Adam – God’s strength was moved by Eve – God’s tenderness.

But God’s strength did something that must have shaken the enemy, He spoke. Adam spoke and even through His wife was cursed – He spoke life over Eve. Eve means Life.

Adam had the gift of naming things. He named the creatures that God made, named everything that could be named. Whatever Adam named, it was. A duck is a duck. A rose is a rose is a rose.

But Eve was ‘name-less’. Some scholars believe that before Eve was Eve, she was also called Adam, the feminine Adam after all, the couple was meant to be one, cleaved to be one flesh yet two separate entities. Like God, three persons yet one.

And when Adam named Eve, He knew his gift and used it. God’s strength is used to rescue you.

Through the enemy may have tried to attack the image of God’s love and left the fallen world love starved and hate-filled.

But it’s not the end, this gospel revolution is bringing not just a ‘grace-movement’ but the rain of love to the parched hearts of the world today.

If only we know that God loves us, even when we failed. We’ll reign and no temptation that besets us can prevail. Why? The blood of the second Adam – Christ Jesus guards you.

Jesus loves you, the sparkle of His eyes.