a draft.

by e

this may be plotless, full of characters and sometimes senseless.

heck, it’s just a draft.

I’m writing the thoughts that hovered around my head for the past 84 hours and 7 minutes.

The first is about Jonathan and Shawn the brothers. A pair that could have changed the world if given opportunity and right platform.

One speaks, the other worships. It’s funny how a small group began with those two. Two people who lived in the same house, seen the same face for probably two decades yet, a fellowship could be formed.

Time flies, one is about to plan for marriage and the other won a battle with a bodily affliction. The brothers have grown. And believe or not they are changing the world…. Bit by bit.


Jealously. The green eyes of envy is a shortcoming that I detest seeing in me.

It’s frustrating listening to the voices which belittle you and tempts you, or rather frustrating resisting to those voices.

Jealous makes your most valved assets seems cheap compared to another lofty visions of things and talents unattainable. It makes you anxious for nothing, lusting and coveting what you already have.

Jealous is a fruit of insecurity. And insecurity digs its roots deep in condemnation and lack; the lack for many things, but mainly one all encompassing thing – love.

Well it doesn’t matter now does it?


I pick up the nets again.

It’s time to go fishing, after all I’ve lost sight of the vision.

The rabbi was taken, and nailed. I was unable to do anything. I can’t live that life anymore. I’m anything but a disciple – I’m a disgrace.

I head to the boat. And let out an amused grunt.

Boats, funny how I met the Rabbi with a boat always in the background.

The first time the boat almost sunk with so much fishes. The next was me leaving the boat and walking towards him.

And now He’s gone.

Back to fishing. So long once being part of the twelve.

If only a miracle can happen.