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Read this! Wikipedia: Mossad

Mossad’s Motto is “Where no stratagem is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is salvation.” (Proverbs 11:14)

How cool is that? In fact there seems to be some scripture used for the other Israeli’s military forces. (:

And an article I found useful –Mistake$ I’ve Made

The articles is clearly about finances. But I really like this particular line from the article: “Sometimes it’s just easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes than his successes.

Not that I’m being entirely lazy but I found that statement being profoundly true in my life. Probably because I try too hard to emulate another man’s success I end up never reaching the mark simply because we can be very different people! (E.g. A painter trying too hard to compose music.)

But mistakes, failures, silly stumblings. These are ‘iron-bits’ we can use to sharpen each other. The sharing of our failures can sometimes give hope to another person who’s probably failing that area. Of course there is always a risk of running a pity party.

The sharing of failures in a safe and wise setting can actually set people free. And probably bring people closer.

Trying to impress reaps no benefit but an inflated ego and forgetten impressions – notice you don’t always remember the dude that tried to impress you but you recall the times where you had a heart to heart with another person? (Ladies understand this too well, Guys, we have a long way to go)

Iron sharpening may hurt and sparks may fly but the sharing of past failures and the TESTIMONY that was birthed from it are iron bits that can be filed into weaving needles. These needles can be used to weave a beautiful tapestry of hope and faith.

SO. Imm stop trying to impress, there is no one to impress and nothing to be impressed about except the great Grace of God. okies? (: