by e

It only took a matter of minutes just to walk through the path of blood, lined up with halves of various animals.

Yet its wasn’t me who made the agreement nor did I walked the well…walk.

A covenant was made for me, on my behalf but not by me. A representative took my place, not my proxy but a leader of my tribe, the one who represents me is me yet not me.

Imagine if I stood there, having walked the walk, traded the sandals and jackets, having the meal. Imagine me making the covenant by my own merits.

It’s frightening to even think about it. It’s not because the covenant or the person I made a covenant is fearsome.

But I break covenants.

Not that I intended to do so already (If not why bother making the covenant at the first place?)

But I’m not perfect, I break promises, breach covenant, disobey rules. I fail.

Before I say, woe is me. Woe is my flesh.

If it’s by my own merits, the covenant would have been my death sentence. But Jesus walked the walk for me. Instead of the halves of animals and a path of their blood. He used His own body and pour out His own blood. Jesus made a covenant with God on my behalf. Taking my sins and being me.

I have a Covenant and it’s measured based on Christ. Not my merit.