as a child.

by e

Oliver asked his Daddy to bring the hourglass off the mantle the other day so he could watch the sand go through it. Then he asked for a chair so he could get as close to it as possible without touching it (a strict rule!). As he watched it go through the tiny hole Oliver told me he was imagining the sparkly white sand was snow.

Ah, the world through the eyes of a 3-year-old! Simple pleasures. Big imaginations. Finding great joy in the things we walk past on our mantle every day.

-Finding My Feet: Time.

The beauty of being a child.

Does a child listen to reason? Does he or she really take words listened as truth? Ever met a over inquisitive child, the one that talk incessantly, or the one the asks questions after questions?

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a child.

Till I fell back into the sturdy arms of my Father. I’m a huios. Amen, a matured son ready to take the responsibilities given by my Father. Yet, I’m forever the son cuddled by the heavenly Father. He who sees my past, my present and my future all in the same pane.


There is the beauty of grace. I’m restored not to innocence. But to the place of everlasting redemption.

I’m still the child loved by daddyGod. Even when I stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

And I’m slowly perfected by Your beauty. As long as I behold you.

You love me, even my blemishes, even the pimples on my face. But herein is the difference of accepting my faults and perfecting my flaws.

You delight in me and molding me. I’m not simply forgiven as like a King pardoning a slave, but i’m clothed, fed and invited to sit in the King’s presence forever.

You don’t just love me Jesus, Lord, Daddy, God. You perfect me. You can and you will.

While others can’t see the seed in the ground, it may seem insignificant, even despised. But water me Daddy, till I bring you glory.

No one to impress, nothing to prove. Growth is secondary to a greater intimacy with the Saviour and with His Grace.