to forgive.

by e

of course I find it hard to forgive.

especially my enemy.

but Jesus didn’t ask me to make forgiving easy.

He gave me the grace and liberty to do so. Now I’m given the choice, the power to set free and the power to bless.

it’s easier to give a dime to a poor person then to forgive a person who stubbed your toe.

but there’s a God-like quality about a Christian, we’re given powerful decisions to make – to forgive or to not forgive.

I think you would have been a richer person forgiving, then in just giving. Because Jesus in His time forgave rather than just donated.

forgiving is sure not easy and it’s doesn’t have to be. that gives our Lord more glory.

Forgiving your boss is a better testimony than a million dollar check to a cause.

but think about it, if you can dispense grace and mercy – is it hard to love the unloved, feed the poor and heal the sick? 🙂