no need for a title.

by e

I have this urge to write. And this happens often.

But you see I’m often stuck at the title, I can’t think of a good title, something catchy, witty or just plain silly. But today I endeavor to write, no need for a title, lose the headline – just write.

Playing in the background now is Elvis Presley singing ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’. Retro worship I tell you, but lovely, very precious.

What to write, what to write?

I guess I’m overwhelmed with life’s daily trudges. But it’s been a amazing year, bleak at times, tumultuous along the way but it ended up good.

I have nothing to write but thanksgiving. I thank God for being faithful, to the end.

It’s been a year of wilderness, nomading, full of twists and turns – but Jesus… ever faithful, remains.

So as 2010 comes to an end, let it be a beautiful closing, like how wonderful the sunset is.

Christmas is coming! yay!