will you grow weary?

by e

“But have you found grace and let it find you?
Will you grow tired of being made new?”

it isn’t the final nail – immanuel; feb2011

It still comes back to this. Even when you fail, grace comes to make things new.

Remember that scene from ‘The Passion’ when Jesus fell from carrying the heavy cross. Remember what He said to Mary?

“Behold, I make all things new.”

Jesus said those words all bloodied and marred from the scourging. What did He mean; to make all things new? What is there to be made new when you’re bleeding, stumbling and weary, why save the ones who beat and eventually murder you? Why speak as though this sinful sod has hope of redemption?

Though this world is full of failings, though they scream “Crucify him, crucify him!”, though they plot against you, turn the ones you love away from you. Though what we see is a abyss of hopelessness and depair. You saw hope, you planned for hope.

Your failings don’t surprise Him, your utter sinfulness doesn’t deter Him, your fears doesn’t turn Him away and certainly your stubbornness doesn’t stop Him. Yes, you grew weary. Weary of failing, weary of not meeting expectations, weary of disappointments and disappointing. You grow tired, weak and discouraged.

Though you grow weary, He does not tire. He has more grace if you have more sins. He has more mercy if you have less faith.

You grow weary of failing; will you grow weary of being made new?

Behold He makes ALL things new. all things new.

There is hope for this sinful sod. Because He planned to rescue even before there was the need to rescue. He loved before there was anything to love. Do you think Jesus hasn’t seen or known what has happened? Do you think He isn’t prepared for this? Adam’s failure to your recent failure, maybe even a minute ago. Is He surprised, taken aback?

No, He isn’t but He is prepared.
…Prepared to love more when you need love, to give more grace just because you need it. What is grace?

Maybe one way to see it today is – being made new.

will you grow weary of being made new?