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I found this on youtube recently and this short film is amazing. Great lights, great story and great acting. Do take your time to savor this short film. 🙂

You know there there’s something that strikes me with the particular short. Of course the plot took a tongue in cheek approach to display the need of everybody to be validated. But this short film speaks to the heart. It’s not too deep, just sweet.

I love cheesy love stories, I love them even if they can predictable, sugar coated and even cheesy. ‘Validation’ isn’t cheesy but it’s simple, not overly complex – it is very straight forward with it’s intended message and it’s sweet, very sweet. You see, because it’s simple, it is considered sweet and you feel a connection with the film. I felt that life could be simple again, and love doesn’t need to be so painful.

This film was a happy film, it had a happy ending and I finished the film with a smile. Life is simple after all.

For a moment, forget ‘reality’, forget the tragedies of life and realize that life is simple, and you have the right to smile. Tears are but a part of life, tragedies will pass away but joy, joy is your blood bought right. Don’t pursue happiness, let it pursue you for a change. There is no such thing as ‘no-choice’, you always have a choice. But of course, with every choice comes a set of consequence, but you get to choose, you were made with free will.

You get to choose happiness over sorrow, joy over pain. Circumstances may throw you a curve ball, you may lose something, someone. but you get to choose joy or pain, to laugh or to cry. It doesn’t matter if you call me atrociously positive or even delusional. I do think trials make us stronger and sometimes we go through a ‘baptism of fire’ to be tempered. But strength is not defined by the number of scars you bore in battle, or the amount of tears shed. Strength is being able to laugh at adversity, to smile in great darkness and be meek in tumultuous times.

Ever heard of the term ‘grace under fire’? It is a military saying that means a person is calm even in a dire situation. Even in the ‘baptism of fire’ there is grace. Grace to rescue and grace to carry on. Cry if you must, mourn for the loss, don’t hold back.

Cry until you empty your tears and empty your heart of sadness, but don’t keep anything in, be emptied and then smile, choose to smile. God gave us a very precious gift and that’s free will – the power to choose.

Between life and misery, choose life.

(my, this is pretty lengthy for the morning)