fifty people // one question.

by e

I am very inspired by this short film.

It’s a simple concept. Film fifty different people answering One question.
What is this ‘one question’?

“What do you wish to happen by the end of today?”

of course 50p1q has spun off a whole other series of films and video replies, and the concept is still – hauntingly intriguing.

I like this particular one.

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God
“what is your secret?”

I guess that concept of asking questions isn’t new to world of media, film’s in particular. We have interviews, documentaries, and those artsy farty abstract films. But to ask only one question, limited by only one question – what would you ask? (that in itself is – one. question.)

You see, we spend a lot of our lives, our time, our moments seeking answers. Now, before we get all philosophical, do hear me out.

we spend a bulk of our lives learning, seeking knowledge, getting answers, giving answers but not asking much questions. In fact, while questions may be encouraged, more often than not we fail to ask because of fear and reservation.

Questions are important, it is by questions we learn, by questioning we discover. We seek answers but we ask so little questions, but we may not get answers to every question we ask. But should that stop us from asking?

It is better to have asked than never. Notice while we may not ask much questions, we have many questions to answer everyday? From the annoying market research questionnaires and surveys to the funny quizes popping up everyday on Facebook.

We are questioned by our bosses regarding the status of our work; we are questioned by our love ones about our day. Everyone vies for your attention, the marketeers, your company and your love ones all seek to find out more about you.

But do you know ‘you’?

Ask yourself some questions, maybe a question a day. Find out more about yourself. It doesn’t hurt to answer your own questions does it, since you live with yourself everyday? 🙂

If you’re reading this blog. Lets make this interactive:

“What would you ask if you’re given a chance to ask a question now?”