I’m still saying He will provide.

by e

Update (5 March): The minus sign disappeared miraculously. The overdraft has been reversed and there wasn’t a full payment of the deficit or any deposit from anywhere. It is strange and I printed both statements for records.

I don’t know how the deficit was paid and where the debt disappeared to but I’m debt free even if it’s a few hundred dollars. God is Good! All I remember was a small tithe last sunday and a really good care group session today. Truly Grace abounds much more, when sin abounds.

Hello world.

I hope this strangely encourages you, because it’s something that is dear to us all – Money.

Some call it cash, some call them dollars. but I call it – supplied.

It’s funny to see a ‘minus’ sign in front of your bank account statement. I didn’t realize it is possible as I didn’t spend any cash lately. It quickly dawned upon me that my last study loan repayment has overdraft my current account. It is quite shocking to me as I’ve been keeping an eye on my account balance.Well, I have another savings account to fill in the overdraft amount but financial prudence aside. I’m still not used to seeing overdrafts.

I’m laughing at adversity right now. I’m laughing at the minus sign. Not because I’m in denial or anything. But because I’m supposed to be worried but I’m refusing to give in to it. I’m having my Sabbath now and I’m refusing to give in to fear, worry or stress.

I’m saying that the job I’m praying for will come. The money that hasn’t been credited to me will arrive soon. But now, when it seems like my finances aren’t painting a pretty picture and I’m absolutely concerned about it. But I’m still saying He will provide.

I understand now how it feels to see debt. But I’ve never felt this calm about it. I pray this peace remains till I see the financial turnover for me and my family.

And Lord, I need support here. Support of friends, support of family. May the lips of my friends be words of hope and grace. And may my family be calm and not jittery.

It’s times like this you show yourself so faithful. And for this I thank you Jesus, give me sweet rest. Let this sabbatical end well with a good testimony. Amen.