the promised package.

by e

I always thought that if I truly wanted to pursue a lady, I would prepare myself for her and change myself for her liking.

Indeed that thought can be disputed and I think otherwise today.

Preparation is ever ongoing and is a beautiful process taken even into marriage.

But you don’t have to change your personality or your being into something else, for another person.

Think of it this way; you are a package of blessing waiting to happen to someone and God has planned that this package will please the receiver. Do we need to alter the contents of package which God has masterfully prepared? 🙂

Be secure about yourself! Apart from bad habits, that special someone was meant to love you for who you are and you need not alter yourself.

Improvements are always welcome but keep the essence of who you are – you are after all, God’s unique masterpiece.

Nobody repaints the original Mono Lisa.