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Seeing pictures of homeless families evacuating and families separated with transparent walls saddens me.

If you’ve been keeping yourself updated with the news coverage of the happenings in Japan now, you would know by now that the few dangers Japan is facing now are not only aftershocks and tsunamis. But a potential nuclear crisis that the authorities are furiously attempting to avert.

[Find out more from this news sources: Tsunami alert: new quake shakes Japan as battle waged against nuclear meltdown and New Tsunami alert for disaster zone as another quake rocks Tokyo]

So, everyone lets pray for the victims affected by rise of the levels of radiations. Pray that families will be reunited and pray that the littles ones (children and babies) are not affected by radiation and are kept warm and safe.

Do pray that the nuclear plants will not face further damage and that the rods will be supernaturally cooled and no more radioactive air will be spewed out.

Also pray for the economy of Japan, irregardless of the stock exchange and the dip in the Japanese Yen. Pray that Japan will recover quickly enough to rebuild it’s infrastructure and her citizens will get their livelihoods back.

And most of all pray for the salvation of Japan. Calamities may arise but may they find hope and shelter in the one who saves and protects- Jesus.


(just a quick question, I would love to link some pictures from online news sites e.g. CNN, ABC on this blog but I understand there is a copyright issue but is there any way to find out if news sites have photos that are under Fair Use or such and how can we share such photos?)