Lifter of our heads.

by e

“You’re my glory, you’re my glory and the lifter of my head.”

‘You’re my Glory’, I Sing Hosanna – New Creation Church (Singapore)

This song reminds me of simpler times. And so I put it on loop, and allow the healing balm of Jesus sooth my troubled soul.

I’m thankful. Thankful for the sermons Pastor Prince has been preaching about forgiveness and grace. That we are forgiven despite our troubles being of our own making.

While the world is going through a tumultuous time, let me remember you are in control.

Today, let doctrinal debates cease, let the universalist and the non-universalist, the baptist or the atheist fade away. And let’s just remember the suffering, in pain and the ones in need of rescue.

We may be trapped under debris or degrees, oppressed or depressed. We all need help.

May the ones who lose loved ones be comforted, and the ones struggling to make ends met be provided for.

It’s amazing how this crisis has opened the eyes of some people to appreciate  life. King David calls it – ‘numbering their days’, and indeed many of us are starting to appreciate everything we have.

I don’t care if there are people who are enjoying their warm beds and full bellies. Lets not get indignant with such people. Though our hearts cry out for justice, but let us be involved with mercy more than justice.

Let us always remember that the Lord is our ever present help, the lifter of our heads.

God is still a God of love.