the stage-story: black and white keys.

by e

Her lithe fingers dance across black and white keys as the sweet song of worship is carried across the stadium.

Tonight, the lush green fields are filled with hungry hearts instead of sweat and blood. As thousands of hands are raised to an unseen God, angels dance – fulfilling their master’s will of ministering to the flock.

She looks up and sees an ocean of worshippers, raising their voices in gratitude and love; and raising their hands in sweet surrender to the Lord. She smiles as she steps on the pedal; she allows the anointing to flow through her, she envisions the Lord holding her hands as she plays the chords and melodies to this musical offering.

The song builds up to a crescendo as the crowds sings,  “Oh, how He loves us, oh how He loves”.

At this point, she forgets the crowd and the band, and she dances with the Lord himself as He sweeps her away in His presence. Musical notes come alive as if they dance along with the Lord in worship.

And the Lord smiles as the beautiful keyboardist worships, dancing along black and white keys.