Thoughts on the Train.

by e

The heart is certainly a fragile thing. Guarded by layers of flesh and bone, the vital organ pumps blood slowly and surely with no fear of damage as long as it’s hidden away behind the ribs.

But Lord you are first and foremost my security, you are the shield of my heart and the shell of my soul; I will seek no other comfort but in you alone.

Will you not answer when we cry, will you not heal the broken hearted?

Poverty may steal earthy goods, sickness may rob some of health. But nothing can separate us from your love and your joy.

The battered body shall still rejoice and the broken home bring praise. You are Yahweh, is there anything you can’t do?

You who fling the stars in place and formed the land that I stand upon; you are in control and active in every intricate details of our lives.

You are above the pane of time; yet you feel my pain. You are Lord of time; yet you choose to spend it in my present.

You are the Lord of the present tense; the great I AM; the very present help in time of need.

In you my heart is secure, in you I will not fear. My hope is you and you will never fail.