the foundry of words.

by e

I think it’s amusing how I like to write about writing. I think it’s funny because I have a strange love for stories, maybe not so much of the art of crafting words per se, but inevitably the two had to cross paths.

Eventually I found love in the art of writing, albeit carefully nurtured by great men like C.S Lewis, Philip Yancy and Jz. They say you can tell a lot from a person through the books he reads; and writers have a profound ability to leave their footprints in your life. We catch their deepest thoughts, their vision, sometimes even their personality.

My father used to tell me (In mandarin): “Son, when you hear a man share his life, you’ll catch snippets of wisdom, but when you read a man’s book you internalize his lifetime worth of wisdom”

Well, my father is of an older era, in fact he is old enough to be a grandpa, so he speaks of a time where books were painstakingly written and publishing a book meant wanting make a dent in history, getting one’s voice heard—starting a revolution.

And I’ll always remember what he said, maybe that is why I’m such a voracious reader that I spend every savings, every ‘Ang-bao’ on books.

I’ve found love in reading, and that romance took me on a journey to love the process that gave me books—writing. I don’t consider myself a very fluent writer, I write because I have something to say, I write because i have nothing better to do; that is not to say, that writing is nothing but a mere hobby or time-killer. But I’ve found nothing better to do but write—making it a activity of great importance to me.

I feel that I’m constantly being corrected and sharpened in my writing. I realize that if I want to write well, I must be willing to undergo life’s way of sharpening me—through the whetstone of practice and not giving up. So often we decide for ourselves our limitations and we give up prematurely, thus undermining our great potential. The Lord has crafted a great gem in us, and sometimes to reveal that gem, we have to remove it from the ore by removing all other non-gem bearing rock and stones

But till the day I write my greatest manuscript, I’ll just linger here in the foundry of words—casting words and crafting stories.