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We live in an age of computer games and the internet; and I was born in the era of the ‘Up-Up-Down-A-B-Up’ and GameShark.

We grew accustomed to cheat codes and ‘god-modes’; nothing better to beat the game than using GameShark.

I guess getting so used to using shortcuts and walkthroughs – we’ve forgotten how the play the game through. Everything takes time, to grow, to learn and to choose.

Maybe the lines are blurred, between programming and pure reality–we thought that life has a ‘level-up’ system that we can tweak.

We are intolerant to failure, because in the computer, we can save and repeat–avoiding that fatal trap that our avatar fell victim to. We are impatient and angsty–we only want to hurry, to clear the next level and to finish things–my way.

No, life has no wiki, no google for quick fixes. Sometimes the best way to learn is off the seat and off the computer.

Failure is common, and in this life, we’ll have aplenty–we aren’t perfect, but we’re hopeless either.

Life has no shortcuts, we all have a journey to take. We don’t want to miss out on what our heavenly father has already planned ahead; for He makes all things beautiful in His time.

With every fresh failure comes a new avenue of grace.

Layer upon layer, grace upon grace;

Every fresh failure is an opportunity to receive DaddyGod’s embrace.