poetry in motion;

by e

perhaps the art of falling in love should be considered more surreal than Dali’s melting clocks; more realistic than Gustave’s compositions and more emotional and honest than Van Gogh’s portraits.

in my honest opinion, everyone should fall in love; or at least get a chance to.

love could be perhaps one of the greatest creative forces ever.

you want to write better, and with more emotion and passion? well, fall in love then.
you want to scale the highest mountain and swim to deepest channels? well, fall in love!

i guess i am over-simplifying this rush of emotions and the art of falling in love.

but the truth still remains; everyone should get a chance to fall in love.

now amidst the world full of heartbreaks and primitive sensual desire; there is a place of pure, lust-less, beautiful, restorative love.

and that is to fall in love with the Savior.

not simply just the Savior of the world. no, forget that for a moment, I’m talking about the Savior of you, your soul, your personal savior who knows your name, your quirks and your pain.

everyone should fall in love.
and in love with–Jesus. 🙂