apple of my eye;

by e

Suffice to say that was a well made film.

Some stories are just better told backwards, but life—real slow and breathing life was meant to lived forward.

Love stories always seems sweeter, better and much more romantic when it’s told in reverse; that’s how sappy movies make profit, even tear falling from your eye is a dollar dropping into their pockets.

But truth be told, the love story is best experienced forward, with all the uncertainty, mindwrenching nervousness, painful heartaches and pulled heart strings.

Perfection sure has a way of killing romance and spoiling the love story; when mistakes are made, arguments said, words exchanged and expectations raised that’s when one appreciates what one is given.

Feel free to disagree. But don’t stop me from believing that love is love not because we had an A* performance, but we make an conscious decision to love despite failure, but yet we extend out our arms to embrace even when we’ve been disgraced.

Perhaps the single greatest demonstration of such selfless, lavish love is found at the cross; where a single man was suspended between heaven and earth in atonement for the sins of the world, the immortal taking on mortal flesh, executing a rescue plan conceived before the foundations of the earth—perhaps the oldest love story ever told.

If you haven’t realized by now, you’ve always been the apple of His eyes, and He hasn’t stopped His relentless pursuit of you.

You have your own personal love story to tell—about a God who romanced your soul.