reckless abandon.

by e

How many of you have heard the phrase that goes: ‘that we may give our lives up with reckless abandon’…

‘Reckless Abandon’, the word is defined in the dictionary as a careless, unrestrained, and complete surrender.

Relinquished control, and handing over the reins of your heart to the Lord. It isn’t easy to live with reckless abandon, I’ll have to admit I wrestle for control of my life and I don’t always surrender, who does?

But yet, I dare say that ‘reckless abandon’ isn’t a elusive idea. It ain’t easy, but it ain’t impossible either.

When you take a nose dive into the grace of God, reckless abandon is only our instinctive response when we’ve encountered great grace.

When you are left with no more options and you’re out of ideas, out of control. That seems to be the best time to encounter grace–to be rescued.

Of course we may resist, we may be hard-headed and stubborn. But there will come a time where we are thirsty, and we hunger and there is nothing we consume that will satisfy. That is where we’ll realize that Jesus has been patiently sticking by us, waiting for us to allow Him to quench our parched lips with the waters of His grace and the sooth our heart with the balm of His love.

There is when we are completely, and entirely won over to His side, embraced, loved and protected under His wings–and we are recklessly abandoned to Him. Jesus.