humming to silly love songs.

by e

Life’s a tune
That will always change
Change is the only constant we’ll ever know
So ’til we go
We’ll sing

Clara C // Til’ We Go

Ok, I know ‘Til’ We Go’ isn’t exactly a love song. That’s not the point. I like this song, period.

I’ve been trying to write something everyday. I wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’ll be, I guess it’s because I feel no pressure to write something quote-worthy but rather I write to express a single thought for the day.

I don’t think the gift of writing should be limited to the confines of ranting and complains. I think we can write better than that, and everyday there is a thought to be captured on pen and paper-well in this case, keystrokes.

I remember an awesome brother once quoted this and I felt that it reverberated something inside of me.

“I write not to be published, I write because I have something to say.” (Slightly Paraphrased)

There you go, my reason for writing is not for my words to be prints and distributed, I write because I have something to say, a thought to be expressed and shared.

Perhaps one day someone, somewhere might read this and might actually be blessed by the single thought expressed and recorded that day.

But I don’t write for the day, I write to get better at writing, to hone my gift and to use it to somehow one day that I may change the world in my own little way.