red, brown and green.

by e

snow flakes gently kissing the mistletoe.
as little children hang bells on evergreen needles.

as chasing lights, ribbons and streamers fills our houses.
and jolly men sing to christmas carols.

beside the fireplace stands a tree-
humble, quaint, evergreen tree.

While children compete to perform a grand task;
to hang the most important ornament of them all.

On the peak, the crown of the old pine-
gently shines a bright and sparkling star.

Little do the children know,
a story that is left untold.

About the one who was called-
the bright and morning star.

Was lifted high up to be hung on a tree
To bleed and die for you and for me.

So the next time you see a Christmas Tree;
Remember the child from the Nativity.

For He grow up to be a strong man,
To be nailed to a cross to set us free.

So that today we may rejoice and make merry.
Because all of our sins did He carry.