Back into perspective.

by e

There are days we ask Jesus…

“Why are things not easy, why are things so hard?”

But instead of seeing things being so difficult, we could see them as avenues for grace…

We may never see this immediately, but in every situation we go through it has already been tampered with grace.

I guess it could been worse?

Yet I am convinced that if i’ve got to go through this valley, I will not endure the journey, but rather i’ll take my time to experience it and allow my heavenly Daddy to coach and mentor me.

Pastor M made a really good comment awhile ago, and I echo it: “Don’t waste the pain”

While pain is not from DaddyGod, it is still a useful change agent, not everything is God-sent but everything can be God-used.

So I shalln’t waste this, but i’ll grow from it.

I can’t tell the future, but I know that The One who holds mine in His hands.