after His own heart.

by e

Though it seems like we may not be doing what we feel we were called to do; like how Joseph was a slave, Moses, a forgotten shepherd and David, the embattled fugitive. More often than not, we are already in the flow of God’s calling albeit unconscious of the fact that preparation is part of the moving in calling of God.

So if you feel like you’re in the wilderness – you’re probably reaching the promised land. And if you’re facing a giant, that means you ALREADY IN the promised land. (just ask Caleb, He knows…)

Moving in the calling of God has its meanders, hidden pathways and winding slopes; but in the end of the day – it’s never about the accomplishments we do for the Lord, it’s not about the battles we’ve fought and won for the King. But the journey and relationship we had with our dear Shepherd.

David was a man after God’s heart, because, because and because He sought out (and allowed himself to be sought out) and clung unto the presence and mercies of Jesus, His Lord and God.