the story thus far.

by e

I’ll like to see how i’ve matured as a writer after such a long break from writing.

“Wait, how do you mature as a writer when you haven’t been writing?”

Well, that’s an irony, since i’ve started designing professionally, i’ve ceased from writing almost entirely. almost entirely.

I think the one think i’ve matured as a writer while not actively writing is that I’ve learnt the importance of discipline.

Writing and designing does share a similar root to success, and that is discipline. I’ve realized that discipline is artform that requires honing, like mastering a stance in swordplay or getting the 99-hit combo right in a classic arcade game.

Though I’ve yet to master what it makes to be completely disciplined, I’m grateful that this is a journey that I’ve only just began.

So that’s the story thus far. Looking back at where i’ve been, I can’t help but be grateful for the grace and mercy that Lord has on my life, how He has groomed me thus far, how He has pruned me and watered me.

I have matured, maybe not significantly off-the-charts, but significant to me, because I knew where I’ve been, where I’ve dwelt.

And I acknowledge that growth in my life, my God has always be a progressive not regressive God. And learning to trust Him, to hold His hand, to yield to Him, to let Him carry me—this has brought me forward to a place I never through I’ll ever cross.

He is certainly not done with me. So if I still see tangible weakness in my life, then praise Jesus anyway, because I’l see tangible grace for every weakness.

amen 🙂