by e

I haven’t thought of what i want to write yet. I just feel a sudden urge to journal my life once more.

It shows 12:28 AM on my clock, i just came back from an awesome praise and worship session with Hwei. The guitar sounded a little wonky and my fingers hurt but I feel this unexplainable satisfaction, the feeling you get after a good meal.

Communion with the Lord is always refreshing. But I really the presence of another person today, especially when her voice sounds like an angel.

Lord, I really treasure moments like this. So restful, chill, and relaxed. Nothing rushing you, no compulsion to perform, only the desire for intimate communion.

Now it’ll be nice to operate like this whenever I am, especially at work. To operate from restfulness not restlessness,. Grow me in this area Lord, to be accurate, restful and sharp. Amen.

I commit this to you Jeus, you lead and i’ll follow…