he dwells in the arid, parched, lifeless realm.

he wasn’t always like that, once a glorious plant, he had the ability to store up large amounts of water, a life-giver to animals who thirst.

his leaves stretched far and wide, fleshy and oozing of moisture. the thirsty simply needed to drink from the tip of the leaf which drips of life giving liquid.

but what happened?

the cactus is now found in the desert, full of thorns, detering who living thing that approaches.

alas, how did the once glorious plant turn to a bitter, isolated shrub?

some said that it was pride, some said selfishness.

not many know that it was hurt.

once bitten twice shy they say… one day a malicious animal took a huge bite from one of his leaves, pain coursed through his veins and the animal mocked the cactus and threaten to devoured it.

and soon the cactus retreated to the desert, losing his leaves for spines.
from a life-giving fountain to a thorny hermit.

on the other side of the planet lay the tumble weed growing beside a fire hydrant.

God knows how it got there, but the tumble weed never questioned why he was born there.

“too mnay question, too little time… answer those that matter” He said.

the tumble weed simply enjoyed where he was, though a occasionally a dog or two ‘waters’ him with yellow fluid (don’t ask.)

the tumble weed would still carry on about his own business, ignoring the fact that the hydrant was a toilet for dogs.

sometimes the hydrant would leak water and a gentle trickles of water would drip on the tumble weed, refreshing the little shrub.

no matter how small the little weed is, he never believed that size bestows superiority. he believed that no matter how small you are, God still loves you.

‘because.. ‘ said the tumble weed.

“even God made rain into gentle little droplets, not harming me, a little weed. how much more the cars of humans or humans themselves, God loves even the little weed by the hydrant, ensuring his safety – always”

sigh, if only the cactus knew God loved him too.